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Frequently Asked Questions!

Getting Started

Could my net costs be higher than what we’ve agreed on?

Your costs will never be higher that 1.5% of assets plus a flat fee of $150.00

in some cases an adviser’s stated fee may be, say, 1% of assets a year. But the net cost to a client could end up being significantly higher. This will neer be the case with this financial adviser.

Some of the financial products that end up in a client’s portfolio have high embedded fees and complex terms. Some active mutual funds have one-time fees people might pay when they buy or sell the funds. Both active funds and ETFs also have expense ratios, the annual percentage of the assets they charge shareholders for management and administrative expenses. These average from around 0.5 percentage point annually for ETFs to 1 percentage point or more for active funds.

What services am I actually getting for my money?

Answer: When people turn their assets over to an adviser for ongoing money management, they may assume their fees cover a certain bundle of services. For instance, they may expect the adviser not just to make investments but also give guidance on taxes or help them analyze insurance coverage. We do not give guidance on taxes and/or analyze insurance