Investment Philosophy

At Calabash, we believe that a unique tapestry of investing philosophies combining quantitative investing with fundamental investing gives us an edge. The combined power of fundamental analysis, data-driven analysis and a disciplined decision-making process generates superior risk adjusted investment returns.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that markets are not always perfectly efficient and that fundamentally sound systematic strategies, can exploit inefficiencies to identify attractive investment opportunities.

We leverage advanced statistical models, and quantitative techniques to analyze vast amounts of data and uncover actionable insights. We believe in maintaining a diversified portfolio of systematically selected investments, leveraging quantitative signals to identify undervalued securities, manage risk effectively, and optimize portfolio construction.


Quantitative Analysis Framework Development

Develop a comprehensive quantitative analysis framework


Empirical Data Collection and Analysis

Gather empirical data from various sources


Fundamental research

Conduct thorough fundamental research on individual securities



Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment

Continuously monitor the performance of the portfolio and the underlying securities


Risk Assessment and Portfolio Optimization

Assess the risk profile of selected securities using both quantitative and fundamental metrics


Quantitative-Driven Security Selection

Apply quantitative techniques to screen and filter potential investment opportunities

  • Integration of quantitative analysis and fundamental investing principles.
  • Emphasis on empirical data and insightful analysis of company fundamentals.
  • Utilization of quantitative models to identify market inefficiencies and exploit opportunities.
  • Concurrent conduct of thorough fundamental research for evaluating intrinsic value and growth potential.
  • Leverage of statistical modeling, factor analysis, and algorithmic trading strategies.
  • Objective: uncover mispriced assets and capitalize on market anomalies.
  • Systematic framework for risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and long-term return enhancement.
  • Commitment to scrutinize financial health, competitive positioning, and management quality.
  • Focus on identifying companies with durable competitive advantages, sustainable growth, and attractive valuations.
  • Philosophy emphasizes synergy between quantitative rigor and fundamental insights for superior risk-adjusted returns and long-term wealth accumulation.

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Calabash Investment Thesis

Our investment strategy is centered on identifying fundamentally robust US public equities, particularly within growth-centric sectors, and uncovering companies poised for enduring capital appreciation. Our approach is founded on the following principles: Sector-Specific Growth: We strategically target growth-centric sectors that exhibit promising trends and transformative shifts in the market. By aligning our investments with these sectors, we aim to capitalize on emerging opportunities and position our portfolios for sustained growth.

Blend of Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis: Our investment process integrates rigorous fundamental analysis with quantitative metrics to identify small-cap gems with promising growth prospects. We meticulously evaluate company fundamentals, including revenue growth, earnings potential, competitive positioning, and management quality, leveraging quantitative methodologies to enhance our selection process.

Emphasis on Fundamentals: We prioritize companies with strong fundamentals, including solid revenue growth trajectories, compelling earnings potential, robust competitive positioning, and high-quality management teams. These factors serve as key indicators of long-term viability and growth potential. By adhering to this investment thesis, we seek to deliver superior returns for our clients while effectively managing risk and capitalizing on opportunities in the dynamic landscape of small-cap investing.


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